Saturday, October 6, 2018

Recent contributions to Eutopia Contemporary Art Review:

The State of The Arts, The Annual Exhibition of Students' Work, Cooper Union, New York, NY

Aphrodite Désirée Navab, The Homeling, Johannes Vogt Gallery, New York, NY

Louise Lawler, Why Pictures Now, Museum of Modern Art, 2017, New York

John Hejduk, Jan Palach Memorial, Cooper Union, New York

Laetitia SoulierFractal Architectures, Claire Oliver Gallery, New York

Marco Maggi, Unfolding Marco Maggi, Josée Bienvenu Gallery, New York

9/11 Memorial, Michael Arad (architect), Peter Walker and Partners (landscape architects)
New York, NY

Ryder Richards, a thing of this world, Public Address, Brooklyn 

Francine LeClercq,  I Am Your Labyrinth, Soho20 Chelsea Gallery, New York